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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

The DYNAMIC Development Team - Over 70 members strong:

  • Toolmakers

  • Designers / Programmers

  • Mechanical / Electrical / Process Engineers 

  • Program Management

  • Apprentices

Plastic Injection Mold CNC Programming

CAD / CAM / Simulation Applications

Creo 9 (formerly Pro-E) (3D CAD)

AutoCAD (2D CAD)

DraftSight (2D CAD)

Dynamic Tool Proprietary 2D Software

Mastercam 2023 (CNC Programming)

ESPRIT CAM (CNC Programming and Simulation)

DelCam PowerMill (CNC Programming)

FeatureCAM (CNC Programming)

SURFCAM (CNC Programming)

SIGMASOFT Virtual Molding (Comprehensive Process Simulation)

Creo Simulation Live (Molding Process Simulation)

Process Simulation for Injection Molding Performance

Injection Mold Fabrication - Styles / Techniques

Prototypes, Pilot (Bridge), Production

  • Single Shot

  • High Cavitation

  • Multishot / In Mold Assembly

    • Core Back / Toggle

    • Robotic Transfer

    • Indexing / Rotary Stripper Plate

    • Rotary Turntable (90° / 120° / 180°)

    • Horizontal Rotary Stack (90° / 180°)

    • Rotary Spindle System

  • Auto Unscrewing

  • In Mold Close

  • Collapsible Core

  • Insert

  • IMD / IML / IME

  • Stack

  • Thin Wall

  • Precision Tight Tolerances

  • Hot Runner

High Cavity Tooling System
New Product Development Plastic Injection Molds
Tight Tolerance Plastic Injection Mold

Sampling - Qualification

Dedicated facility, equipment and experienced personnel focused on a comprehensive approach to mold sampling, mold and part qualification, material evaluations and initial process development.

Support equipment includes material loading systems, mold heaters, robots and material dryers…

Services also include complete turnkey manufacturing system (tooling, robotics, automation technologies, specialty molding equipment, conveyors…) staging, validation, transfer, and launch. Dynamic's capacities, capabilities, and scope of facilities enable us to take delivery of your injection molding machine, and integrate your new mold with the required ancillary equipment to create your customized and optimized production solution. We create the work cell you will have on your production floor, qualifying all equipment and processes. 


DTC embraces Scientific Molding Principals – where applicable – as a proven method to yield the most repeatable processes for many applications, exploring all key attributes:

  • Mold Balance

  • Velocity Curve

  • Short Shot Study

  • DOE – Design of Experiments

  • Pack and Hold

  • Window Study


We use an integrated system of metrology, injection molding equipment, automation, and experience to provide complete system qualification to meet your product development and launch schedule.

  • Injection Mold Functional Sample

  • Mold & Part Qualification

  • Complete System Qualification

  • Process Development

  • Material Evaluation, Testing, and Validation

  • Industry Leading Equipment & Software

  • Pressure Transducer Technologies for Product / Process Qualification


Our years of successful experience also provide the ability for innovative non-traditional / standard injection mold sampling and processing practices, when challenging design features are an issue.​

Plastic Injection Mold Sampling and Process Development
Injection Mold Trials and Qualification
Mentoring and Training Plastics Processing
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