Mold Engineering

Engineering Custom Plastic Injection Molds

Injection molding design that delivers reduced cycle times for maximum performance

Our design engineers are experienced injection mold designers who are continually striving to increase the efficiency and performance of each plastic injection mold we deliver. The injection molding design process optimizes the performance of each custom plastic mold and guarantees each part made in the mold will be to specification. We design using the latest versions of many software programs including Pro-E, Solidworks, AutoCAD and more.

Through the use of gas injection technologies and progressive plastic part design, we are developing high quality products with thinner walls. We are designing injection molds with advanced cooling technologies leading to faster cycle times saving you further on production costs and energy savings. Since fast cycle times are key to our customer’s profits, we pay particular attention to mold cooling.  Turbulent flow in the water lines is assured by careful calculation of flow rates in GPM to achieve the required Reynolds number.

We maintain the latest technology within the industry. We offer lights out manufacturing, dedicated cameras and a unique cooling process. Dynamic’s facility offers 24-7 lights out manufacturing with the use of robotics on all critical machining centers. Also, employees use dedicated cameras to allow them to monitor machine operation from their desk or from home.

Dynamic Tool Corporation provides a project management system that guarantees each plastic injection mold delivered is tested, qualified and ready-to-run once installed. Frequent communication between the customer and the Dynamic team ensures that the mold is delivered to specifications and delivered on time. Our “take care of the customer” philosophy has made Dynamic Tool Corporation the industry leader we have grown to be.

Our custom plastic injection molds are engineered and built for accurate, repeatable performance. If repeatable performance, a scientific injection molding process, and customer service are important, contact Dynamic Tool Corporation for a quotation.

plastic injection mold engineering

We continually strive to improve the plastic injection molding process by increasing efficiencies throughout the entire mold building project.