Why Choose Dynamic Tool? Innovative Engineering and Manufacturing Capacity

Posted on: March 17th, 2015 by Craig Lau

Dynamic Tool & Design – Innovating Injection Mold Building

Since 1976, Dynamic Tool & Design has provided innovative injection molding solutions to the packaging, personal care and healthcare industries. When looking for plastic injection molds with interchangeability, Dynamic is second to none. In today’s high tech manufacturing environment, quality is a given, but Dynamic delivers the highest quality, and a dedication to the service and support of our products.

We design and build custom injection molds including two-shot molds, stack molds, unscrewing molds and pilot molds. We excel in building high cavitation molds suitable for down-line automation. The quality of our finishes is the best in the industry. We can flawlessly produce any texture from the most complex to a high diamond polish.

Our engineering department works concurrently with the customer and toolmaker to allow us the most competitive lead times in the industry. Utilizing Pro-E, SolidWorks and other software programs, our innovative designs are focused on using today’s most efficient manufacturing techniques. Each project is controlled through our engineering department which allows us to utilize a lean manufacturing and lights out operation.

Dynamic is a leader of integrating CNC technology with robotics. Our CNC machines utilize robotics to produce quality parts around the clock, while reducing man hours and lead time.

On-machine verification or probing technology has been integrated to further streamline our machining process. We believe that Dynamic’s dedication to cutting edge technologies, and strict quality standards, makes us the best mold builder in the industry.

It is the policy of Dynamic Tool & Design to exceed the expectations of our customers and we achieve this through outstanding customer support. We maintain constant communication with our customers throughout the project. We offer many services to our customers, prior to and after, the mold has shipped. We offer assembly manuals, on-site support for installation, trouble shooting, turnkey capabilities and in-house sampling. Each mold receives full mold approval by the customer prior to shipment.

Providing the highest quality mold, on time, being responsive to the customer’s needs and utilizing the latest technology strengthens the partnership with our customers and makes Dynamic Tool & Design the best choice of injection mold builders.