The Final Critical Phase of Mold Building – Mold Sampling and Validation

Posted on: January 28th, 2015 by Craig Lau

In today’s high tech, competitive, plastic injection mold building environment, quality and accuracy are fundamental to completing a successful tool project.

To guarantee a production ready mold, sampling and validation are required. Scientific mold sampling verifies the function of the tool, provides the customer with a base line molding process, and provides parts for first article inspection. Customers are confident there will be no loss of production because the tool is ready to run once installed.

Mold sampling at the facility where mold was built saves valuable time and money. In-house sampling allows for any needed adjustments to be made quickly and turnkey arrangements enable sampling on the customer’s owned presses.

A scientific mold sample includes the following steps:
• Check GPM to verify turbulent flow
• Run a dry cycle to ensure tool integrity
• Optimize tool using scientific molding process above
• Pre-production runs when needed- provides parts for first article inspection and can supply customers with parts to verify automation equipment.
• Post sample inspection of the tool to ensure tool is ready for production

Mold sampling is a critical piece of the mold validation process. Rigorous testing to verify accuracy and precision is vital to validate mold performance and deliver the quality all customers expect from each tool.