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Dynamic Mission & Core Values

At Dynamic Tool Corporation, it is our mission to inspire those around us through growth, quality, and innovation.

We successfully and continuously accomplish this mission through our core values:

  • Excellence – Giving nothing less than our best effort to every application

  • Integrity – Operating with respect and support for others

  • Safety – Ensuring our shared environment is clean, organized

  • Customer-Focus – Absolute accountability and proactive effort to ensure their success


Through adhering to the principles of our mission and consistently gauging our actions to our core values, it is our vision to become our customer’s first choice by leaving a lasting, positive impression on the industry.


We are committed to sound environmental practices in our daily operations. Our company policy is to work with our customers to co-engineer lighter products which will save them material and energy and shipping costs. We are developing parts with thinner walls through changes in part design and technologies such as gas injection. We are designing molds with advanced cooling technologies which lead to faster cycle times and further cost and energy savings.


Plant-wide heating and cooling efficiency:

High “R” values in insulation, insulated block, high-efficiency HVAC units

Plant-wide electric efficiency:

High- efficiency interior and exterior halogen lighting

Energy saving flat panel computer screens


Water management:

Closed loop system for molding machines and mold cooling

Career Opportunities

Dynamic Tool Corporation understands teamwork is critical for continued growth. We hire the best and enjoy a high level of employee satisfaction. We offer a clean, safe, and modern work environment, a great benefits package, continuous learning opportunities, and a positive, collaborative, and energetic culture. Join the best!


  • Competitive Pay

  • Excellent Benefits

  • 401K

  • Vacation Time

  • Personal Days

  • Advancement Opportunities

  • Training Programs

  • New Equipment

  • Climate Controlled

  • Facilities

  • Team-Based Culture


Contact Dynamic Tool

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W133N5180 Campbell Drive, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA


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