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Two Shot Molding and Multi Shot Molding offer cost savings and reduced lead times

Posted on: October 21st, 2015 by Craig Lau

Many benefits of two shot plastic injection molding

Plastic injection mold design engineers consider many criteria when designing a new injection mold.


All of these factors are important to the success and profitability of the project. If the plastic part requires multiple materials and/or a combination of colors, then a two-shot/multi-shot mold is an option that delivers a superior, repeatable product.

Two-shot plastic injection molding and multi-shot injection molding reduce lead-time and costs by combining two or more bondable polymers and/or colors together in one machine cycle. Several mold pieces can be molded together in the same machine cycle resulting in a finished product in just one run. Two shot/multi shot molding creates a strong bond between the two materials which delivers a high level of accuracy and repeatability. A more complex mold can be designed as well. Two-shot/multi-shot molding allows for greater design flexibility using multiple materials that cannot be effectively bonded using other processes.

Many shops have the capability to run two-shot molding but the design process is what sets apart the best mold builders. Mold designers have more flexibility in the mold design process by utilizing multi-shot technology and equipment.

Without two shot molding, the mold would require additional secondary operations such as over molding, insert molding, assembly and additional validation. The extra handling and processes generate a substantial increase in lead-time and costs. By combining all into one machine cycle, a higher quality part is delivered in less time and with less cost.

Multi shot molding applications include: soft touch handles, medical devices, movable parts, multi-color parts and more.

If two or more plastic materials/colors are required for a plastic part, two-shot molding provides a better solution than traditional molding methods. Contact Dynamic Tool & Design for more information on how we can assist with your next two shot molding plastic part project.


Two shot injection molding - Dynamic Tool & Design

Two shot injection molding – Dynamic Tool & Design