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Project Management from Concept to Completion – Turnkey Services for Dynamic Customers

Posted on: February 23rd, 2016 by Craig Lau

At Dynamic Tool & Design, it is our policy to:

“Exceed the expectations of our customers by providing the highest quality product, on time, with responsiveness to the customers needs. Continuous improvement in value for the customer will be achieved by utilizing progessive advancements and techniques in the industry.”

We are very proud to have the capability, project management experience and the space required to offer our customers complete turnkey services. Our technology center houses 5 presses (80-650 tons) and includes additional space for turnkey services. Customers ship their press to Dynamic for the initial mold run. Turnkey provides the opportunity to prove out new technologies, and provides the opportunity to test the automation between the mold and press. Mold/press integration generally requires the most fine tuning, and completing this at the mold builder’s facility helps improve the lead time to full production. A turnkey press run offers the assurance that all the systems and technologies involved will be fully operational once the customer installs the mold at their facility.

Dynamic Turnkey Solution:

Project planning from concept to completion
Unloading and setup of all primary equipment and auxiliary equipment
Debugging, modifications and optimization of all equipment
Mold qualification
Customer training
Disassembly and rigging for shipment
On-site startup support


Shipping costs to and from our plant of all molding and auxiliary equipment
Molding material(s) for all samplings
Auxiliary equipment needs to complete project (unless otherwise noted)
Inspection, molding related or robotic fixtures
Expenses of customer’s personnel (travel, car, lodging, meals, etc.)
Expenses of other equipment manufacturers (hot runner, press, robotics, etc.)
Purchase of molding press and all auxiliary equipment (unless otherwise noted)
Production runs (short or long) or warehousing of parts



Dynamic Turnkey Services

Customer’s press delivered to Dynamic for initial press run.

New Technology Center at Dynamic Tool & Design

Posted on: August 21st, 2014 by Craig Lau

Dynamic Tool & Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of a 17,000 square foot addition to our Menomonee Falls facility. Dynamic Tool & Design, Inc. has now grown to a 51,000 square foot facility, manufacturing molds for the packaging, personal care and medical markets. The addition of the new Technology Center provides capacity for in-house sampling and training.

“Customers rely on Dynamic to help them develop new and improved products, and the TechnologyCenter has expanded that capability.  High quality prototyping is our forte, so with mold making and molding facilities under one roof, part changes happen quickly and efficiently”, explains Dave Miller, President of Dynamic Tool & Design, Inc.

The Technology Center houses five molding machines ranging from 80 tons to 650 tons (two are multi-shot capable) which allow for in-house sampling and mold qualification. The Technology Center also enhances in-house training for mold operation and mold maintenance.

Floor space and other resources have been set aside to provide for turnkey projects.  “A customer can have a press shipped to Dynamic and we will build and install a mold in that press, sample, debug and qualify the entire project.  We then ship it to the customer ready for production.  This is especially valuable to customers since they need not expend their manpower and machine time with these processes”, explains Tom Andrews, Operations Manager.

To schedule a tour of the new TechnologyCenter, contact Vic Beradi at 262-783-6340.

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