Soon to be the Big 4-0 but Dynamic is getting younger and younger!

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015 by Craig Lau


Next April, Dynamic will be celebrating 40 years of business. We have a great history of growth and a strong company culture. We are fortunate to have 12 employees who have been here 20+ years. The average tenure is 14 years which is a great affirmation of our company culture. With all of the great history and longevity, it is also worthwhile to note that Dynamic is getting younger and younger. Over the past four years we have tripled the number of employees under the age of 35. Apprentice programs are helping drive that growth.

The apprentice program allows employees to be trained without having any prior knowledge or experience. Ben, who has been an apprentice for a year and a half, worked at a trucking company prior to Dynamic. He is currently learning the inspection process and looks forward to learning other areas of the shop. The apprentice program gives an employee the chance to build a solid career from the ground up.

Our employees have a vast wealth of knowledge and the apprentice programs allow the opportunity to train our younger, tech-savvy employees. We currently have three employees enrolled in the State of Wisconsin apprentice program and four employees enrolled in our own internal apprentice program. Both programs require the apprentice to complete 10,400 hours of training over five years.

We look forward to 2016 and celebrating our 40 year anniversary with our entire Dynamic family.


Dynamic Tool Apprentices