The Apprentice Program – Providing the next generation of mold builders

Posted on: January 27th, 2016 by Craig Lau

In 1976, John Lau and Irv Fischer opened Dynamic Tool & Design for business. To get the company up and running, they both worked full-time jobs in addition to Dynamic. By 1979, they had grown to 5 employees, some of which are still employed today at Dynamic. Fast forward to 2016, Dynamic has grown to 60 employees covering two shifts and is a leading global mold builder serving the packaging, medical and personal care markets.

A key to Dynamic’s growth and success has been the team of employees and our commitment to training. Since 1977, Dynamic has trained many apprentices to become tool makers. Supporting the apprentice program helps Dynamic maintain a skilled work force and remain an industry leading tool shop. An apprentice works 10,400 hours over a 5 year period and is trained in each area of mold building. At the end of the program, they are considered a journeyman who can manage any area of the mold building process. Dynamic also supports the Youth Apprentice program of local high school students. Dynamic Tool & Design was the first to sign a Youth Apprentice directly into the Registered Apprentice Tool and Die Maker program after high school graduation.

The apprentice program helps shape the career of the individual in training and provides the opportunity to determine their strengths and or weaknesses. After completing the program, the apprentice may decide not to become a tool maker after all, but instead, decide to focus on specific departments in the company including: CNC, EDM, programming or design.

Today we have 9 apprentices at Dynamic Tool & Design. This group is the next generation of tool makers at Dynamic and their skills will help us maintain our industry leadership. We asked each apprentice why they chose a career as a mold builder and what their goals were after completing the program. The answers are very similar and very encouraging for those considering a career as a tool maker.

Why did you choose a career in plastic injection mold building?

Apprentices chose mold building for the long term opportunities and the stable career that the trade offers. They enjoy working with their hands and minds to create molds for products that consumers use every day.

The apprentice program takes about five years to complete. Our current apprentices have been in the program less than 18 months and have already learned many new skills including; how to set up machines, a better understanding of what each machine is used for, grinding and cad. They are learning the importance of tight tolerances, how to read blue prints, how to use micrometers, calipers, and bore-gauges. Attention to detail, patience and teamwork are keys to success in the program. They all agreed their favorite part of the apprentice program is learning something new each day. They noted the satisfaction from accomplishing daily tasks that seem challenging at first, but eventually getting it right.

What advice would you offer anyone considering a mold building career?

The Dynamic apprentices offered the following advice to anyone considering a career in plastic injection mold building.

Mold building is a stable career choice and provides many different career paths. Make sure this is something you are interested in. Your brain is always “on”.

Have your head on straight. Must be focused – no room for error.

Mold building is a rewarding career, there are so many machines and processes to learn – it is a rewarding challenge that will keep you on your toes.

Be willing to learn. Go to school and work hard.


To have a successful apprentice program it is imperative to have the senior employees and managers fully support the training. The apprentice program creates sustainability for Dynamic as others reach retirement age. The average employee tenure at Dynamic is 12 years so we have a lot of very experienced tool makers on staff. Apprentice leaders realize the importance of passing on their “vast” knowledge of mold building and creating an environment where employees are always teaching or learning something new.

President, David Miller realizes the importance of employee training, “Over the past four years, Dynamic has tripled the number of employees under the age of 35. By investing in youth and enabling our tenured employees the opportunity to train and share knowledge, Dynamic Tool & Design is well poised for a very successful future.”

For more information on the apprentice program at Dynamic, please contact Craig Lau at 262-783-6340.

Dynamic Adds New Jig Grinding Department

Posted on: January 20th, 2016 by Craig Lau

To kick off 2016, Dynamic Tool & Design recently completed the addition of a new jig grinding department in our Menomonee Falls facility. We are excited about the new department and the additional services we can now provide to our customers.

What is a jig grinder? A jig grinder is a machine tool used for grinding complex shapes and holes where the highest degrees of accuracy and finish are required.

The new jig grinding department will allow us better control over quality and accuracy. By performing all jig grinding internally, we will have tighter control over lead times as well. To learn more about our jig grinding capabilities, please contact Tom Andrews at 262-783-6340.

Dynamic recently added a complete jig grinding department in our Menomonee Falls facility.

Dynamic recently added a complete jig grinding department in our Menomonee Falls facility.

Calling all Graduates! Now Hiring! Plastic Injection Mold Designer

Posted on: January 3rd, 2016 by Craig Lau

Great opportunity for recent graduates. Entry level position. Will train.

Job Title: Plastic Injection Mold Designer

Desired Skills:

  • Mechanical Engineering Background (Electrical Engineering as a secondary is a plus)
  • 2D & 3D Cad Experience
  • Good Organizational Skills
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Self-motivated to learn and develop into a Senior Mold Designer


  • Develop 2D detailed prints for the shop floor
  • Model in 3D components and full mold design
  • Develop mold concepts
  • Work with Project Managers & customers on the scope of the project
  • Communicate with the shop floor on the project requirements


To apply, email resume and cover letter to or apply online on the Dynamic Careers page.





Happy New Year!

Posted on: December 30th, 2015 by Craig Lau

Dynamic Tool & Design will be closed Thursday and Friday to celebrate the New Year. We wish everyone a safe and happy celebration.

Looking back over the photos from 2015, I created a quick collage of some of the memorable moments of the year. 2015 was off to a good start when we were awarded the Leadtime Leader-Honorable Mention Award from MoldMaking Technology magazine. Winning the award meant a lot to everyone at Dynamic. Our efforts for on-time delivery were recognized as were our committment to technology and employee culture. We created two videos in 2015 that highlight our capabilties. We attended three trade shows, NPE 2015, Amerimold, Caps & Closures and updated our trade show booth. We increased our sales force by one and the extra hands on deck allowed us to substantially grow our business in 2015. We celebrated Manufacturing Day and hosted close to 100 attendees.

Employees celebrated milestone anniversaries. We hired recent graduates and have tripled the # of employees under the age of 35.  The ABCD award program was a great success and 21 employees won the award! We like to eat! Started off with a soup cook-off in January, anniversary cookout, pumpkin carving, feast week and our annual Christmas party. For the community, we adopted a family and had the opportunity to meet the family, which was great. We purchased coats, hats, gloves, clothing and toys for each family member. It was a lot of fun shopping and we will adopt another family next year!  We created a calendar for customers and employees which features the beautiful photographs of our own Vic Berardi.

2015 was a great year for Dynamic and we look forward to 2016. We will be celebrating 40 years of business on April 1, 2016!


Dynamic Tool & Design 2015 Year in Review!

Dynamic Tool & Design 2015 Year in Review!


Feast Week Kicks-off today!

Posted on: December 15th, 2015 by Craig Lau

What is feast week? Feast week is a week long celebration of Christmas, food, camaradarie and the end to a great year! Each day, employees bring in food for a feast that lasts most of the day.

How to set-up feast week:

Post a sign up sheet and everyone signs up to bring something; appetizer, dessert, main dish, etc. Once everyone has signed up, create a schedule for each day with a variety of food. For example, today we are having spicy meatballs, chicken wings, beef, corned beef, wild rice, and 3 types of dessert bars. Tomorrow we will have reuben dip, lil smokies, deviled eggs, stuffed pepper soup and dessert. Do not worry if everything doesn’t go well together – it will all be eaten!

Feast Week is a great celebration which everyone looks forward to each December. We conclude Feast Week with a Christmas party. This year on the menu; steak, shrimp and twice baked potatoes. Yum.






Current Job Openings at Dynamic Tool & Design

Posted on: November 2nd, 2015 by Craig Lau

Dynamic Tool & Design is a plastic injection mold builder located 20 minutes northwest of Milwaukee in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. We design and build custom plastic injection molds for the packaging, personal care and medical markets.

We manufacture plastic injection molds for plastic caps and closures including shampoo caps, food closure molds and medical plastic molds for drug delivery devices.

We excel at high cavitation injection molds where the closest tolerances are required. We design two shot and multi shot injection molds which offers the customer substantial cost savings and reduced lead times. We are committed to technology and utilize lights out manufacturing and robotic machining centers. We follow at scientific injection molding process which means that the mold is inspected throughout the entire mold build. Every mold is sampled in house at Dynamic in one of our five presses. Once delivered to our customer, the mold is ready to run without any production losses. We offer on-site support and training. Our attention to the customer and building the best mold in the industry, has enabled our growth for the past 40 years.

We currently are hiring for the following positions:

Injection Molding Process Engineer – 5 Years Experience Required
Mold Design Engineer – 5 Years Experience Required
Leadman/Moldmaker – All Experience Levels
Machinists – All Experience Levels
Technical Sales/Project Management – Knowledge of injection molds and injection molding

Visit our careers page for more information and to apply online.



Two Shot Molding and Multi Shot Molding offer cost savings and reduced lead times

Posted on: October 21st, 2015 by Craig Lau

Many benefits of two shot plastic injection molding

Plastic injection mold design engineers consider many criteria when designing a new injection mold.

  • cost
  • lead time
  • cycle time
  • part quality


All of these factors are important to the success and profitability of the project. If the plastic part requires multiple materials and/or a combination of colors, then a two-shot/multi-shot mold is an option that delivers a superior, repeatable product.

Two-shot plastic injection molding and multi-shot injection molding reduce lead-time and costs by combining two or more bondable polymers and/or colors together in one machine cycle. Several mold pieces can be molded together in the same machine cycle resulting in a finished product in just one run. Two shot/multi shot molding creates a strong bond between the two materials which delivers a high level of accuracy and repeatability. A more complex mold can be designed as well. Two-shot/multi-shot molding allows for greater design flexibility using multiple materials that cannot be effectively bonded using other processes.

Many shops have the capability to run two-shot molding but the design process is what sets apart the best mold builders. Mold designers have more flexibility in the mold design process by utilizing multi-shot technology and equipment.

Without two shot molding, the mold would require additional secondary operations such as over molding, insert molding, assembly and additional validation. The extra handling and processes generate a substantial increase in lead-time and costs. By combining all into one machine cycle, a higher quality part is delivered in less time and with less cost.

Multi shot molding applications include: soft touch handles, medical devices, movable parts, multi-color parts and more.

If two or more plastic materials/colors are required for a plastic part, two-shot molding provides a better solution than traditional molding methods. Contact Dynamic Tool & Design for more information on how we can assist with your next two shot molding plastic part project.


Two shot injection molding - Dynamic Tool & Design

Two shot injection molding – Dynamic Tool & Design


October is Employee Ownership Month

Posted on: October 8th, 2015 by Craig Lau

Celebrating Success!

This October, Dynamic Tool & Design, along with The ESOP Association and the employee ownership community, will be celebrating Employee Ownership Month, which is a tribute to the incredible spirit of employee ownership. Dynamic Tool & Design will celebrate with employee events throughout the month including employee lunches, our second annual chili cook-off, a football contest and a pumpkin carving contest.

“Dynamic Tool & Design has been in business almost 40 years and has grown to be a leader in the plastic injection mold industry. We have been able to achieve this level of excellence because of our employees. Each employee owner contributes to our growth, and Employee Ownership Month is an opportunity to celebrate our success,” explains David Miller, President.

Employee Ownership Facts:

  • There are approximately 10,000 ESOPs in place in the U.S., covering 10 million employees.
  • Total assets owned by U.S. ESOPs are estimated to be $869 billion.
  • The Economic Performance Survey conducted by the Employee Ownership Foundation in 2014 found that:
  • 70% indicated revenue increased; 30% indicated revenue decreased • 64% indicated profitability increased; 36% indicated profitability decreased


For more information on ESOPs and Employee Ownership Month, please visit The ESOP Association’s website at



Kicked off the month for employee owner t-shirts for all.

Kicked off the month with employee owner t-shirts for all.

90 students tour Dynamic Tool & Design on Manufacturing Day!

Posted on: October 5th, 2015 by Craig Lau

Manufacturing Day 2015

Manufacturing Day was a great success and we hosted two large groups from Slinger and Menomonee Falls High Schools. Students toured the Dynamic facility and were able to watch the design and build process of a plastic injection mold. Each stop provided an opportunity to learn about the process and equipment, and our “tour guides” were also excited to share details about their jobs. Feedback from students and teachers was very positive and hopefully we were able to attract a few more students to the field of manufacturing and to Dynamic Tool & Design.


manufacturing-day-photos manufacturing-day-photos2

Manufacturing Day is here!!

Posted on: October 2nd, 2015 by Craig Lau

All set up and ready to go! Tours start at the top of each hour between 10-2 today. Stop by!


IMG_4754 IMG_4757 IMG_4760