Personal Care

Two Shot Molds and Stack Molds for the Personal Care Industry


Dynamic Tool Corporation builds molds for a variety of personal care items and is a mold builder of choice of Fortune 100 companies. We excel in building high cavitation molds suitable for down-line automation. The quality of our finishes is second to none. We can flawlessly produce any texture from the most complex to a high diamond polish.

Many personal care molds are designed with one or more material and two shot molding is required. Two shot molding is a cost effective molding technique that reduces lead time and delivers a higher quality product. Dynamic Tool Corporation has designed and built very complex two shot and multi shot molds, and our customers rely on our expertise. Read more about two shot molding.

Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection performed frequently throughout the plastic injection mold building process.

Molds are hand polished

Dynamic Tool Corporation employs a full-time mold polisher.