Unscrewing Molds and Closure Molds for the Consumer Packaging Industry


Packaging molds are one of the many strengths of Dynamic Tool Corporation. We are a leader in unscrewing and strip thread technology and excel with in-press conversions and quick change orifice sizes. Dynamic has designed and built hundreds of packaging molds and we continually strive to increase efficiency and reduce cycle times. Our molds are built to offer inter-changeability between cavities and from mold to mold.

Robotic machining centers allow us to utilize lights-out manufacturing. Our technology center houses 5 presses (80-650 ton) so all molds are sampled and qualified by the customer prior to shipment. We have the space required for turnkey services. Your mold will be ready to run once installed eliminating any production losses on the line.

Our molds are used frequently in the consumer products industry including consumer packaging, health/beauty packaging, and food/beverage packaging. The consumer products industry is highly competitive with new products entering and leaving the market daily. Packaging design is critical to attract and retain consumers. Packaging is used to enhance branding and to enhance the experience with the product. Good package design provides product differentiation and may help extend the product life. We have designed caps, closures and container molds for many consumer products. Our customers trust us to provide innovative ideas for the most difficult applications and trust us to build a quality mold that produces parts as specified.

Consumer Packaging Plastic Injection Molds

Dynamic Tool Corporation specializes in close tolerance, high cavitation plastic injection molds.