Marketing in the Mold Building Industry

Posted on: March 5th, 2015 by Craig Lau

With NPE 2015 just around the corner, we thought it was a good time to add to our literature library. We created two new brochures for the show – a general overview of Dynamic and a Medical market brochure. The brochures look great and highlight the Dynamic brand and capabilities, but yesterday I learned that may not be enough.

Yesterday, I attended a marketing presentation sponsored by Square 2 Marketing. Presentations covered Inbound Marketing and Reality Marketing. Inbound Marketing is a way to capture leads from online resources such as articles and other downloadable content. Today, 6% of companies utilize Inbound Marketing. Reality Marketing considers the customer’s perspectives, opinions, challenges and pains when buying a product or service. I learned a lot from this presentation/workshop and immediately came back to the office to review our literature/website to see how we faired. We are ok, but there is room for improvement to better communicate to our existing and prospective customers.

Dynamic Reality Marketing Status

Customer Perspectives, Opinions – We recently surveyed a select group of our customers and asked them about their experience with Dynamic, our competitors and how we compare. We asked them why they choose to work with Dynamic and what we can do to improve. Our customers told us they work with Dynamic because we provide a quality mold; on-time, and our engineering and sampling are the best in the industry. We beat the competition in levels of customer service, support and response to any issue. The Dynamic mission is to “exceed the expectations of our customers by providing the highest quality product, on-time with responsiveness to the customers needs” so the results were a confirmation that we are executing our mission on a daily basis. We will keep up the good work here.

Customer Challenges and Pains – The biggest challenges for our customers are pricing and lead time. We work hard to be competitive in the market but my goal is to better communicate the “Dynamic Difference” and why working with Dynamic is the best choice for a mold builder. Dynamic customers are confident knowing their mold will be built to exact specification, will be sampled and ready to run once installed. We offer services to our customers such as installation support and on-site training. I will do a better job of communicating this “Dynamic Difference”.

Download our newest brochures and let me know your thoughts.

 Dynamic Capabilities

Dynamic Capabilities Brochure



Dynamic Medical Brochure


Lori Phillips
Marketing Coordinator
Dynamic Tool & Design