Mold Sampling

In-house sampling of each injection mold ensures a production ready tool will be delivered.

Each mold is scientifically tested, sampled and verified by the customer prior to shipment.

Be confident that your mold is production ready when installed on-site. Dynamic offers in house capabilities to run FAT qualification and dimensional validation.

Plastic injection mold inspection

We inspect the mold throughout the entire project. Parts are sampled and verified by Dynamic and the customer prior to shipment of the mold.

Initial Injection Mold Sampling

With the customer present, Dynamic verifies cycles, processing parameters that ensure the mold will be ready to run once installed on-site. In our presses, we utilize internal robotics for in-mold closing instead of external secondary operations, saving valuable floor space. Once sampling is complete and the customer approves the mold, it is shipped.

Plastic Injection Mold Qualification

Dynamic Tool offers in-house mold qualification, per customer protocol, to ensure the molds are production ready. See Equipment-list-Dynamic-Tool and Molding Press Information info sheet.

Part Production Runs

Dynamic offers short and medium run production services in our new technology center.

Turnkey Services

Want to run the mold with your equipment? No problem, we have plenty of space for turnkey projects.



In 1982, we bought our first press at Dynamic. We thought it was a great investment and a great service to be able to offer our customers in-house sampling, but instead this turned some customers away. A few customers thought Dynamic would become their competitor if we had presses. We sold the press. Since then, times and customer philosophies have dramatically changed. Today, Dynamic customers expect the mold to be sampled and validated prior to shipping. They expect the mold to be ready-to-run once installed. We have expanded into a facility that offers full qualification and turnkey services. We took the sampling process one step further and adopted scientific molding to sample and validate all of the molds prior to shipping.

Dynamic utilizes a scientific 6-step process that verifies each mold. The process does not rely on operator adjustments. It is a scientific process, not an art. We use the scientific molding process because we wanted to offer a value-added service to our customers. In order to achieve successful scientific molding we invested heavily in new technology and equipment. We added a 17,000 sq. ft. Technology Center that allows us to offer full mold qualification, turnkey services and short-run production for our customers. Our presses range from 80 to 650 tons with retractable tie-bars and we were able to increase crane capacity in the new center. We purchased Reynolds gauges and other equipment to measure water pressure, GPM at the press, and BTU removal rates.

At Dynamic, we are fortunate to have highly trained mold makers. We continually train all of our employees so the process is used throughout the organization.  One key learning was educating ourselves on the importance that water plays in the mold building process. We researched the cooling process and through trial and error learned the importance of understanding water conditions in the facility where the mold will be ran. Up front, we ask each customer about the conditions including water pressure, water type, GPM at the press, temperature and more.

The investment in the Technology Center has overwhelmingly proven to be worthwhile and has increased our capacity and reduced leadtimes because we have more information when building the mold. The customer is confident the mold will be ready-to-run once installed. Today all elite US tool shops offer mold sampling and Dynamic has taken the extra step with scientific molding.

Read more about the importance of Mold Sampling and Validation here.

Plastic Injection Mold Sampling

Each mold is sampled in one of our 5 presses, including a Husky press and mulitple Krauss Maffei presses.