Mold Building

Stack Molds, Spin Stack Molds, Unscrewing Molds, Two-Shot Molds, Pilot Molds

Innovative engineering and mold building that is second to none.

Dynamic Tool Corporation is one of the most diverse plastic injection mold builders in the world, specializing in close tolerance, high cavitation plastic injection molds. We offer multi-mold packages and complete assemblies.

Pre-Production Molds


Prototype Molds

A prototype tool is a short lead-time tool that proves the fit and function of a part design. Prototype tools are built before the pilot or production mold, and can be built in as little as 3-5 weeks.

Pilot Molds

Pilot molds are pre-production molds are limited production molds that can be produced with shorter lead times. These molds are usually single cavity but can be up to a 4 cavity mold.


Production Molds


Stack Molds

Stack molds maximize capacity with multiple molding faces. Stacking the faces together creates multiple levels of molding which increases capacity and reduces the need for valuable press time. Stack mold applications include: thin wall containers, lids, closures & caps, medical disposables and packaging.

Spin Stack Molds

Spin stack molds with multiple faces use indexing core sets between the stationary and moving platens to allow for multi-component molding with decorating, coating and in-mold assembly.

Unscrewing Molds

Unscrewing molds are designed for caps, closures and medical devices with detailed threads.

Two-Shot Molds / Multi-Shot Molds

Two-shot  / multi-shot plastic injection molding is an efficient and cost effective method of molding custom plastic parts with two or more polymers or colors in one machine cycle. Multi shot applications include: soft touch handles, medical devices, movable parts, multi-color and more.


Custom Plastic Injection Mold Building

Plastic injection molds built by experienced tool makers.