ABCD Award program – a successful addition to our employee-ownership culture

Posted on: June 29th, 2015 by Craig Lau

The ABCD (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) award program was initiated last December and has become a key part of our employee culture.

Employees nominate fellow employees for the award. The criteria to be nominated are: innovative ideas, outstanding customer service, extra effort on a project or even an idea that did not work so well – all are efforts that help Dynamic grow.

“It was an honor to receive the award. Being recognized and knowing that I am appreciated by fellow employees and customers means a lot to me,” explains Jill Lewis, the inaugural winner of the ABCD award. Since the inception, we have awarded over 10 ABCD awards and each winner is highlighted on the ABCD award board in the shop.

“We plan to host a ABCD luncheon for all winners at the end of the year and will create an annual plaque that recognizes each winner. I have the opportunity to notify each winner and seeing the happiness and pride each person shows is a sure-tell sign that the award program is a huge success for everyone at Dynamic,” says Lori Phillips, Marketing Coordinator.

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ABCD Award